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Why it was made:

Drink Coaster to elevate your desk top and keep your workspace clean. Protect your desk while adding a splash of sophistication or color to your desk.  Works just as well on the dining table with a wine glass or supporting a monster while you rage on.  These coasters are the start of our coffee segment in which we will introduce many more unique takes on essentials.

Pair with a tray for a neat coaster docking station as well as a convenient vessel to stash goodies.


  • Three Piece Design
  • Polycarbonate Base
  • Anodized Aluminum Insert
  • Polished Stainless Steel or Aluminum Badge
  • Custom Molded Rubber Bumpon

Mix n' Match:

  • All parts are interchangeable
  • Badges are compatible with Kaze / Future Keyboards
  • Separate replacement and colored Badges will be available


  • Coaster may be completely disassembled for cleaning
  • Warm water and a microfiber towel are recommended should anything spill


Disclaimer: Polished surfaces may contain micro scratches