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Why it was made:

Designed in conjunction with the NRD Coaster, this classy tray with a modern twist is there when you need it and covered when you don't. The raw patterned and machined surface is recessed in order to create space for larger valuables. 

Perfect storage for screws, badges, rings, necklaces, secrets and more. Cover it with a coaster top for additional security and keep those prying eyes away.

Just as at home on the desk as it is on your vanity. Easy to transport loose screws while covered and created with the hobbyist in mind. 

*Due to the nature of raw machined aluminum not being coated, the center may slowly oxidize/patina over time*


  • 6063 Aluminum Tray
  • Anodized / E-Coat Finish
  • Custom Molded Bumpon
  • Recessed Patterned & Machined Center